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The Energy of your Home and the ground it rests upon greatly effect the Health and overall well being of all those that reside within your Sacred Space. Your home should be your Sanctuary and should reflect your Energy, it should never feel unsafe or as if it is working against your Energy~


This lovely little pouch is blessed with highly protective herbs and stones, such as Ceremonial Sage, Juniper Berries, Cat's Claw, Angelica Root, Sacred Sweetgrass and Cedar tips, Blessed with Jade and Obsidian stones to increase the Healing and Protective qualities of the Herbs~


-Cat's Claw has this amazing ability to heal and protect, the Ashaninka Indians of Peru have used this herb for thousands of years as a powerful aid in their Spells and Magick. It is said that Good Spirits live within the Plants Roots, Healing and Protecting those who are near it, brew it and carry it. This plant and all others within this pouch are known to dispel negative energy while keeping Good Energy within, creating a protective Aura around you and your home.


-Jade and Black Obsidian~ Both offer protection and clear out bad energy, the jade is especially protective of innocent people and pets within the home~ Black Obsidian provides powerful protective energies, assisting one in the release of negative patterns and the removal of negative energetic attachments. This also holds true for the old emotional patterns of stagnant energy within a home or within the ground~


-It is recommended that you bury your pouch under the front steps of your home~ this moves the energy throughout your entire home~ I enjoy having one inside my home, next to my Altar. This is not necessary, just a personal choice~


-Item comes as you see it~ Adorned with a Protective Pentacle and a House Blessing Spell that I have created for you. Trust your Intuition when burying and placing your pouch within your home~ If you move, you may remove your pouch and bring it with you.


Love, Light and Magick






HOUSE BLESSING POUCH | Protect your Home from the Ground up


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