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Imbolc is sacred to the goddess Brighid. Brighid represents the goddess in her maiden form~ She symbolizes new beginnings, purification, and healing~ Bridget's eternal flame burns bright and is everlasting like the seasons themselves. She was, and still is, honored in Ireland on this day by burning sacred bonfires in her name~

If you are unable to have a bonfire in her name like most, then this is a wonderful alternative to add to your Ritual for Brighid. Made with Organic Herbs, Flowers and Resins of Rosehips, Jasmine, Orange Peel, Heather, Immortelle, Lavender and Copal~ The smell of this blend is bright and everlasting like Bridhids flame~ Not just for Imbolc but may also be used all year to Honor the Goddess Brighid.

Mother Earth remains still,drawing deep within herself for her winters rest, yet her children and creatures still stir above her~ At Imbolc, we begin to see the smallest stirrings of our Mother Earth waking from her sleep as the days slowly become longer. The earth is coming alive and once again, it is time to begin anew~ It is on this day that we can feel the return of the light and the heat of brighid's eternal flame. The land begins to bloom in subtle ways, Buds begin to grow on the barren branches and the first blooms reach up toward the sun. The Beauty of Fertility is becoming so clear now~

Here is a little blessing that you may use if you wish~



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