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Intuition is the ability to know something without any logical connection or thought process. It could be a vibration that we feel, a voice that we hear in our head, an image that comes to us spontaneously. Meditation can be seen as a gym of the mind. In the same way that we can develop our muscles through sport, we can train our mind through meditation to develop many qualities such as concentration, attention, altruism but also and above all emotional balance and Inner Peace.


Amethyst, the stone of intuition, helps refocus energies, improves the general nervous state and helps to find psychic balance, soothes anxiety and nervous disorders. It allows people who tend to think too much to break free from the incessant cycle of thoughts that assail them. It is a stone that will greatly promote spirituality, excellent for meditation.


Rock quartz allows an entry into meditation and a quick introspection, it facilitates the connection to your inner being. Usually, it clears the mind and relieves you of bad energy.


Perfume: gourmet, green and woody scents, reminiscent of the sweet smells of piching figs from the tree  is summer.


Large Glass 250 ml


Tips for use :
Always use a protective backing under your candle. In order for your candle to burn harmoniously to the end, leave the candle burning until the entire surface is liquid on first use.
Otherwise, the candle could widen and cause an uneven and incomplete burn of the wax. If you observe that the wick tilts towards the wax bath to the point of touching it when the candle is burning, extinguish it, recenter it with the help of pliers and, after the candle has cooled, cut the length of excess wick before relighting it.



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