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Oh Ancient Mother so Full of Light,
I call upon your Wisdom and Power.
I ask for your Blessing in my Magical Rite.
I cast my incantations upon your sacred hour.
Intertwine our Energy and lend me your Light
Ancient Mother so Full and Bright~

Dark Moon Mother, with your gift of release,
Come, so that I may surrender to thee.
Into the darkness of thy soul, I shall find Peace,
In the Beauty of thy Shadow I shall be free.
Mother of the Dark Moon hear these Sacred Rites,
as they dance upon my tongue this Dark Starry Night.


This incantation was written by me to raise your vibration while you work with your Moon Manifestations~




The Magick and Mystery of the Moon is a powerful Feminine force of the Universe, she is the Yin to the Sun’s Yang and the balance in Celestial Magick and Energy. Since our first glance up at this glowing Mother of the Sky, we have connected to her, felt her influence and have been drawn to her ever changing glow~ We feel her influence on our Mind, Body and Spirit…She pulls at us like she does the tides and forces us to go deep into our own thoughts to come back and shine brighter than ever.


This Lovely Blend of Sensual organic Egyptian Jasmine and organic Australian Sandalwood is an enchanting scent infused with jasmine Flowers and Moonstone and Labradorite Crystals~ All within your bottle~


This perfume invokes the Energy of La Luna and can be worn during Moon Rituals to increase your Intentions~ Made with Ancient Alchemy in mind, I have chosen the oils and herbs to match the Vibration of the Moon~ Apply this oil to your pulse points to increase your Moon Manifestations~

LA LUNA ~ Moon Manifestations


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