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Love ♥ A Witchcrafted Ritual Oil for all forms of Love Magick. This beautiful blend is a perfect ritual companion to call in new love, honor current love, enhance and encourage self-love and romantic love. Ways to work with this oil are to place it on your Altar and begin reciting the incantation on the bottle, or create your own, either way, begin charging your oil with the intention of love and how you wish to receive it. You can anoint self, a lover, candles, ritual objects, love note paper, linens and anything else that will be used externally only.

An aromatic aphrodisiac ritual oil for all forms of lovers to anoint one another. A scent-ual companion to entice and enhance the beauty and art of making love. The ways to invite this oil into your sphere of love are many. It can be a lovely oil to anoint your lover during all acts of love and devotion. It can be used to anoint handfasting cords and lovers during ceremonies and rituals of sacred love. You can anoint your own body to attract new love. It can also be worked with couples to rekindle the sacred flame of love.


Witchcrafted with Organic Herbs, Oils, and Flowers of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, and Hyacinth. Ritually made on a Waxing Moon Venus day, in her Hour ♥ As always, offerings and hymns to Venus were recited to increase the Venusian power of this oil for your magical workings.

Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang have a very long history with love. Lover's of all types have long worked with the power that these beautiful flowers have to offer and would anoint themselves with the oils or bathe with the flowers before their love making and sexual rites. These sacred flowers of love are beautiful allies to invite into daily life as well as your love making. The hopeless romantics and poetic masters throughout the ages have all expressed their love for these powerful botanical beauties. As botanical spirits they possess a magic and charm of love all on their own.




LOVE RITUAL OIL~ Love Magick Spell Oil


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