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Intentions: love, protection, relationships, healing

Carry mallow (Malva sylvestris) with you in a pouch to attract love or use in incense blends for the same purpose. 

Mallow flowers are also good for use in protective magic including incense and infusions. Steep some mallow flowers in boiled water, drain and add to bathwater, floor washes or even a body spritz to protect yourself and your home.


In the realm of magical practices, mallow holds a special significance, revered for its versatile properties in love attraction and protective magic. Carrying mallow flowers in a mojo bag or incorporating them into incense blends can be potent methods for drawing love into one's life or enhancing existing relationships. Mallow flowers serve as powerful guardians, capable of shielding against negative energies and malevolent influences.







10g paper bag

200ml glass jar



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