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Mandragora "Mandrake" Root is a poisonous herb with powerful magical properties. Widely used by anointed High Priests and Occultists. Mandrake is in the nightshade family. Highly toxic but used for its unmatched spiritual powers. The lore surrounding the Mandrake is due to the shape of its roots. the roots look like female and male intertwined. Wrapped around each other like lovers. Mandrake is known for its aphrodisiac powers. It is used in Occult practices for sex rituals, fertility, to bring lovers together, to bind lovers, and to increase one's abundance and wealth.


Use sparingly. Do NOT anoint the body with this Oil, as Mandrake is poisionous.


You can work with our Root Oils on their own, or to boost and add power to your rituals. They can also be used to anoint the body, for contact work, to dress plain candles, to anoint spiritual tools and altars, and as an ingredient in baths, washes, oil lamps, and Medicine Bags. They can be also added to our Fixed Candles and our Ritual Baths.




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