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Snow Quartz supports you as you take your lessons and helps you free yourself from excessive responsibilities and limitations. On a mental level, this stone stimulates tact and cooperation. If you use it in meditation, it allows you to reach a deep inner wisdom, which you previously denied to yourself and society. Snow Quartz symbolizes purity and innocence. It helps you see the world with clear eyes and allows you to see the wonders that the universe can offer you. It activates the crown chakra and helps you connect with your higher self and spirit guides.


If you have Snow Quartz in your environment it will dispel your negative emotions and negative thoughts. It helps you adopt a more positive and beneficial outlook. It gives clarity and sharpens the mind to correctly translate the messages you receive. You will be able to learn new things much more easily and retain what you learn more.


Snow Quartz is excellent when you want to look within. It reminds you that you are surrounded by magic and wonder and helps you better appreciate all that you have and who you are. Dimension: 2cm - 3cm



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