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♦The Moon and The Cycle of Women have been forever linked together in time~ Sharing cycles that reflect one another so very closely~ Women have been told that our Menstrual cycle is a reminder of our sins and most regard it as a terrible time of the month~ It was and still should be a Sacred time of the Month~

♦It is a reminder that we are Life Givers, Earth Healers and Sacred to the very core of our being~We are sponges for energy during our menses~ We can draw down divine energy into the void within us~ The time is long overdue for us to reclaim our menstrual cycle and to celebrate our lives as women~ Blood is a sacred force, without which none of us would exist~ Menstrual blood is the blood of life~ This should be a time of spiritual renewal as well as physical cleansing~

♦This tea is specially blended to relieve your Menstruation pain and bring your cycle in balance where it is truly meant to be~ Containing Organic Herbs of Yarrow leaf and flowers, Red Roses, Spearmint, Red Raspberry Leaf, Vitex Berries, Cramp Bark, Parsley Leaf, Black Haw, Passionflower and Dong Quai Root~

♦To reconnect on a spiritual level with your Moon Cycle is to Give your blood back to the Earth~ In Ancient times and still today Women who give their blood back to the Earth as it was meant to be are able to realign with their Natural Cycles while reconnecting with the energies of the Moon, Earth and the Power of their bodies~

♦To perform this simple Ancient Ritual, simply switch out your Tampons and/or Pads for a Moon Cup~ These can be found on amazon~ make sure that you get the correct size as there are two, one for women who have had children and one for women whom have not~

♦Create a Sacred Space outdoors that will be unnoticed and undisturbed by small children and other people~ Collect your Moon blood in a small jar and on the first and second day of your Moon, Give it back to the Earth within your sacred Spot~ This may seem a bit squimish for some but this is a Practice that has been done for thousands of years as a spiritual practice by all Women~ This is a Sacred Spiritual practice~

♦Made from Certified Organic Herbs~

♦Steep your Tea for 20 minutes and Enjoy up to 3 cups per day~

♦Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp in a tea strainer per 5 to 8 oz. cup



MOON TEA | Women's balance Menstrual cramps | Period Herbal Blend


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