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It is because of its resemblance to the moon, its pearly white reflections, sometimes transparent or sometimes bluish, and its roundness, that this stone bears the name Moonstone. She enhances the qualities generally attributed to women such as maternal instinct, gentleness, creativity and tolerance. Symbol of femininity, motherhood, innocence, it is also a stone of protection and intuition. Effective in bringing out our feminine side, our abilities to feel, our sensitivity to art and beauty, our gentleness, love, motherhood, our abilities to create and be inspired. It brings security, comfort and confidence. This stone will promote intuition as well as extrasensory abilities related to receptivity such as cartomancy, divination, clairvoyance, mediumship. It also promotes premonitory dreams.

This stone symbolizes fertility and is said to have the power to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

A protective stone, it accompanies pregnant women during their pregnancy by reducing their stress linked to maternity and childbirth. Moonstone is women's ally to soothe ailments linked to menopause and period pain by regulating hormones and menstrual cycles.


Find moonstone in maternity and fertility candles. Tarot: heaven & earth





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