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This candle has been designed to accompany you in your rituals of renewal, strength and self-confidence. Whether you have to face a change of situation such as a new job, a move, a breakup, or for a new goal that you have set for yourself, his flame will accompany you with his energy to help you cope in times of stress and uncertainty.

Dragon's Blood Jasper helps ground you in the moment. This stone is a powerful support for letting go of stress and emotional conflict, especially when it stems from anger and resentments from the past, embracing new adventures with joy and positivity. It provides strength, courage, determination, and promotes adaptation to new situations.
The dragon's blood stone is used in times of difficulty, it relieves sadness, regrets, self-pity and resentment.

Amazonite is a stone of appeasement and communication, it brings a certain lightness in difficult times and helps to overcome the feeling of helplessness in the face of hardship, to put things into perspective, to live in the present moment. It promotes letting go and increases our ability to adapt to delicate situations.
Finally, it would be a very valuable help for people lacking self-confidence. Indeed, Amazonite strengthens our determination and helps to fight against the fears that block us and can prevent us from realizing ourselves completely. It is a soothing stone that awakens the joy of living, very favorable for people who are depressed or who see the world in a negative way. Amazonite fights against frustrations, it increases communication, promotes spontaneity and encourages human contact.

Perfume: aromatic scents of sage, mint, basil, bergamot, geranium and musk.



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