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Mahogany obsidian is black with reddish-brown markings. Its properties are to stimulate personal development by removing obstacles from the past. Like a mirror, it reflects our being, as well as the sides of ourselves that you don't like so much. This, however, creates the opportunity for profound transformation. A perfect stone for the daring. 


  • It enhances regeneration and new beginnings.
  • Protective stone. It gives strength and courage.
  • Promotes stability and endurance.
  • It offers confidence and growth.
  • Dispels sadness.
  • It strengthens self-control.
  • Help make wise decisions.
  • It encourages happiness and good luck.
  • Offers longevity.
  • Enhances sexuality.
  • It promotes alignment with the higher self.
  • Pebble of trust.
  • Protects on trips.
  • Fights phobias.
  • It helps heal emotional wounds.
  • Cleanses from bad karma.
  • It protects the aura from negative energies.
  • Absorbs negative energies.



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