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Odin~ Master of ecstasy and the dead~


Allfather ,the greatest and oldest of the Aesir, ruler of Asgard and Valhalla, he is the cloaked wanderer of the cosmos. Odin’s thirst for knowledge and wisdom was so great that he sacrificed one of his eyes to drink from Mimir’s sacred well of knowledge to gain such power, this shifted his previous perceptions and gave him the greater sight. His journey for ancient knowledge continued, as he stabbed himself on his side with his own spear and hung himself for 9 sacred days on the branches of the great tree called Yggdrasil, for this shamanic death and rebirth he was granted the vision to create the Runes~


Created on Odin’s day (Wednesday) with runic incantations using the ancient Gladr method to augment mental power, bodily strength, and warrior spirit.


The Beard of Odin contains all-natural plant-based oils and high quality organic essential oils. Created with wildharveted Poplar Buds from Cottonwood trees, Pine, Fir, and Cedarwood. Organic essential oils of Sandalwood and a hint of Tobacco for a deeply intoxicating wooded scent, with organic base oils of Prickly Pear, Argan and scentless Coconut oil.


The Beard of Odin- Runic Beard and Body Oil is packed with benefits fit for the Gods and the Viking Beardsman . The natural oils used in this blend add strength to your beard, help to soothe dry skin underneath, improve beard texture, and promote optimal beard growth.


30ml of Beard oil in a dropper bottle.




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