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Olive leaves are a symbol of divine peace & fragility. The trees grow best in hot & dry climates, tying them closely to the element of Fire & the Sun. It is highly sensitive, as it can die with a tad to much water or frost. It flowers the Olive fruit & loves growing in sunny spots facing the South. It can grow stabile & strong even on slopes & hills, but still needs balanced weather conditions. It can teach us to find this balance within ourselves, we are fragile & strong. It serves as an important reminder that too much of one thing can be hazardous to us & that no matter what darkness we find ourselves in, we can find growth when illuminated by the light.



Botanical Name: Olea Europaea


Element Correspondences: Fire


Planetary Correspondences: Jupiter & Sun


Zodiac Correspondences: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Magickal uses: Calming Energies, Meditation, Balance, Peace, Zen, Raising Vibrations, Wisdom, Generosity, Releasing Negativity, Good Luck, Dispelling enemies.


Magickal Tips: Stash Olive leaves in each corner of a room to keep the home peaceful, banishing family arguments & bringing luck to those in the home.

A ring of Olive leaves can help raise the vibrations of the aura & help with spell-casting dealing with manifestation.

A branch of Olive Leaves wet with rain water or natural spring water may be used to bless a home, by thrusting the water off the leaves & envisioning white light.

Drink as a tea during Full Moons to stabilize emotions & calm your energy. 


Chakras:  Heart (4th) & Crown (7th) 


Holistic Uses:  Taken as a daily tea, Olive leaves can help with stimulating brain function & cardiovascular health.




* Please Note: Not all Olive leaves in jar are complete or whole.

Each glass apothecary herbal jar contains approx. .50 oz. of All Natural Olive Leaves, topped with a gold screw on lid, informative label & rustic pentacle accents. The pentacle represents the elements ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit ) encompassed in a ring of unity, serving as a symbol of protection & connection. There is enough herbs in one jar to last for many uses. Store in cool dry place when not in use. Each square Herbal Jar measures approx. 4" high x 2.5" wide.


There are several uses for dried botanical herbs, such as adding to or making magickal sachets or Witch bottles, creating tinctures or perfume oils, creating herbal capsules, tea mixtures, powder incense, bath and body scrubs, soaps & lotions, & so much more!



Magickal Blessings,





  • 10g papper bag
  • 200ml glass jar



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