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Once again, the wheel turns and we find ourselves emerging like new blossoms bursting out of the cold ground, eager for a hint of sunlight to nourish our winter bones. Ostara is a fertility festival that falls on the Spring Equinox (March 21st)  celebrating rebirth and new beginnings. At the moment of the Vernal Equinox, night and day stand in perfect balance. One foot in the light, and the other in the dark. The life-giving force of the Sun has returned with its promise of new life, the journey within the darker months is now over, and we can now move into the warmth of the light~ This is a sacred time for rebirth on the Earth, and also within ourselves. We begin to see life reawaken after the cold slumber of Winter, that which once was dead is now offered new life. During this time of year, we are more alive than ever, we are nourished by the awakening Earth around us as we become more motivated, and more in tune with the renewing life force of Nature~ As within so without, as above, so below.



🌿Ostara~March 21~Spring Equinox~ This Lovely blends captures the Flowery Essence of Ostara~ containing the finest essential oils and herbs of Neroli, Jasmine, Elderflower and Chamomile, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Heather, Lilac, Calendula, and Amethyst Crystals.


🌿Anoint Candles~


🌿Anoint Ritual Objects~


🌿Anoint Yourself and willing Others


🌿Burn in diffuser


🌿Pour a little into your Ritual bath


🌿Use in all way that are external



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