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Botanical Name: Paeonia officinalis

Family: Paeoniaceae

Usage: Medicinal, Attraction Spells

Folk Names: Common Peony, Garden Peony

Associated Deities: Paean, Aphrodite

Planetary Correspondence: Venus

Zodiac Correspondence: Taurus, Libra

Chakra: Heart Chakra



Building on our understanding of Peony Root's celestial correspondences, let's now explore how to practically apply this knowledge in various rituals and spells.


  • Love and Attraction Spells: Peony Root is often used in love rituals due to its Venusian association, believed to attract love and enhance romantic endeavors by opening the heart to new possibilities and deepening existing connections.


  • Protection Spells: Known for its safeguarding properties, Peony Root can be incorporated into protective spells to shield against negative energies, creating a barrier that fosters safety and security.


  • Healing Rituals: Given its historical use in traditional medicine, Peony Root is a popular choice in healing rituals, aiding in emotional balance and physical wellness, and is especially favored for nurturing the heart and mind.


  • Prosperity and Abundance Rituals: Its connection to Venus also makes Peony Root suitable for prosperity rituals, where it’s believed to attract abundance and encourage a bountiful mindset.


  • Beauty Enhancements: In spells or rituals for beauty and self-appreciation, Peony Root is used to harness Venus’s energy, promoting inner and outer beauty and helping individuals embrace their unique charm.


  • Harmony and Peace Rituals: Peony Root can be included in rituals aimed at creating harmony and peace, especially in the home or among family members, reflecting its ability to soothe and balance emotional energies.









10g paper bag

200ml glass jar



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