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Pinus strobus.

Wild Harvested.


Physical and spiritual cleanser. Alleged to draw steady money, and drives out spirits. Burn pine, Juniper and Cedar to purify the home and ritual space. The pine tree represents rebirth and immortality and strength in adversity, overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength. The plant itself seems to correspond to the element Fire because of the resin and its quickness to burn as well as its protective and transformative nature, though its scent is quite Earthy.


A pine branch hung over the door will invite joyful energy inside and a pine branch hung over a bed will ward against illness and burning pine needles and pine cones is alleged to protect your hearth. Using a pine branch like a broom you can brush away negative energy from your home or from surfaces (like your altar) and objects.


Use pine oil in your wash water to wash away troubles that have been disturbing your household, including illness or just general doldrums. Decorating with its branches allege to bring in healing and joy.

The cones and nuts can be carried as a fertility charm. Placing pine needles in a loose-woven bag and running bathwater over this makes a good magical cleansing and stimulating bath.







10g paper bag

200ml glass jar



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