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In Ukrainian Folklore Poppy (Mak) is a flower of dreams, fertility, beauty and youth. It symbolizes infinity of the universe but at the same time it suggests sleep and the oblivion. Poppy blooms are tender and wilt in no time that’s why they are associated with beauty and youth that pass really fast. Because of the poppy symbolism its blooms were often used in wreaths to stress girl’s virginity that as the flower petals is lost and damaged so easily.


Believed to be a good charm against witches, it’s alleged to be protective against the evil eye and possess a magic power to be helpful against all sorts of evil forces and evil influences.

Red poppies have also long been associated with sleep and death, perhaps because the narcotic made from the opium poppy can easily bring about both. Ancient Greeks and Romans presented them as offerings to the dead. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, poppy symbolized eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination. Red poppies also mean pleasure, the why poppy means consolation and the yellow poppy means success.



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