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Protection is taking measures to preserve people and property, to ensure that no harm happens.

The tiger eye stone is a stone of protection. It reflects negative energy back to the one who emits it. The tiger eye will act as a barrier. This stone protects against all evil claims. It also helps to remove discomfort, or even alleviate depression.

Labradorite is extremely protective by absorbing the negative but also by being a shield in its own right. Labradorite protects both from the surrounding negative and at the same time absorbing it until it is completely dissolved. Very well known in energy therapy because it is the ally of practitioners and people in a context of helping and listening to the person. Indeed this stone helps to avoid the empathic inconvenience felt, it protects from the ill-being of others. Feeling drained after being in contact with certain people is quite common especially if you have a predisposition to be sensitive and empathetic, labradorite will protect against this negative interaction.

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification and acts as a shield against stress and negative waves. the basil and the clove ensure the protection of the house, the angelica preserves spells.


The soy wax is easy to clean, this allows you to save the container and the stones.Each candle is made of high quality soy wax, flowers, plants and crystals. I only use Vegan and Cruelty Free products.

Each crystal is cleaned and each candle goes through a charging process.

Perfume: flower bomb





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