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We must protect and cleanse ourselves to get rid of negative energy that surrounds us.

This candle can do not only clear negative energy but clear your energy.


With 3 amazing herbs of Rosemary, mugwort and white Sage, all theses homegrown herbs rolled on a black beeswax will be your must candle in your home.


If you have a bully, a toxic friendly group, toxic ex, or feel you are being attacked, these candles will protect you from all


The perfect candle to protect you from evil eye, negative energies and negative intentions. The herbs added to Protect and cleanse focuses on clearing, cleansing and protecting you from any shade your way in your way



Carve the person's name into the candle you wish to have protection from


With a crystal grid place the candle around protection based candles such as black tourmaline, tiger's eye and black obsidian.

Place sea salt around the circle of the candle and crystals.


Light a candle and say


I cast this spell into the night. To bind my enemies and limit their fight.

By earth and wind by fire and water I wish to stop their evil desire. The evil words and actions they spread shall only cause them to feel great dread.

To lead this fight against their deeds as I will so mote it be.


YOU WILL RECEIVE 4 9cm beeswax candle




Protection & Cleance Candles


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