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Enhance your Psychic ability with these organic Herbs known to enhance your psychic state. Psychic Abili~Tea also has a very strong effect on your dream state, offering the lucid dreamer inner wisdom that is vital for knowing thyself and overcoming conscious barriers.

Psychic Abili~Tea is a hand blended and Witchcrafted with an all organic blend of Peppermint, Mugwort, Anise seed, Celery seed, Jasmine, Cinnamon and Orange Peel. Please steep your tea for a minimum of 15 minutes to really awaken the herbs that awaken the mind.


Psychic Abili~Tea is best employed before all forms of divination including tarot,palmistry, astrology, spirit Board, scrying, crystal balls, runes, ogham, and so on. The ingredients in this tea have a long history of raising your spiritual awareness and enhancing your own personal power.


Drinking a cup of this tea before Ritual work will also increase the energy of your magical workings, making your spells more successful~ Steep your Tea for at least 10-15 Minutes for best results and 20 minutes before your divinatory workings.


Drink your Tea about 30 Minutes before bed to experience Lucid Dreaming~

See the past, present, and future in your cup of tea: Reading tea leaves is an ancient art that can be entertaining and enlightening. There is loads of information on how to practice tea leaf readings.


Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp in a tea strainer per 5 to 8 oz. cup

PSYCHIC ABILI-TEA (Divination, Psychic Awareness, Visions)


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