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The purification candle will be an essential tool when moving in, to eliminate negative energies, restore your energy level and also help youto relieve yourself of emotional baggage and blockages that are hindering you.


Obsidian is a stone of protection of very powerful force. Ideal for fragile people, it helps protect them against negative energies.


Amethyst purifies places, the physical body but also the aura. 


It is essential to clean your home regularly, but also before each ritual or intention.

Each candle is made of high quality soy wax, flowers, plants and crystals. I only use Vegan and Cruelty Free products. Each crystal is cleaned and each candle goes through a charging process.


Perfume: incense, oriental notes, musk, vetiver and cashmere wood.


250ml large glass jar


Tips for use :
Always use a protective backing under your candle. In order for your candle to burn harmoniously to the end, leave the candle burning until the entire surface is liquid on first use.
Otherwise, the candle could widen and cause an uneven and incomplete burn of the wax. If you observe that the wick tilts towards the wax bath to the point of touching it when the candle is burning, extinguish it, recenter it with the help of pliers and, after the candle has cooled, cut the length of excess wick before relighting it.



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