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Red brick oil by Mirall Bruja  is a powerful oil blend made from crushed red bricks and protection oils.
Protect your property from those who would mean you harm.

Anoint doorways and windows to protect your home from bad energy and people.

Nine drops in front of the door "on the floor" at each entrance of your business to keep enemies away.

Mixing brick dust oil with vinegar is used as a powerful cleanser and protector.

Mix the Red brick oil "9 drops" with 1L of water, 2 tea spoon of cinnamon powder and 2 tea spoon of brown sugar for a floor wash and clean your doorstep with the mix for cash flow & protection.

(We recommend to do a patch test on your skin before use the product to see how your skin reacts before using it more widely)

RED BRICK OIL | Red Brick Dust oil | HooDoo


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