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This candle was designed to accompany you during the tumultuous periods caused by retrograde mercury using plants, flowers and crystals.

It will also be ideal when you feel the need to let go, when you feel stressed and on edge, or when you have to accept a difficult situation and face low morale.

Amazonite is a stone of appeasement and communication, it brings a certain lightness in difficult times and helps to overcome the feeling of helplessness in the face of hardship, to put things into perspective, to live the present moment.

It promotes letting go and increases our ability to adapt to delicate situations.Finally, it would be a very valuable help for people lacking self-confidence. Indeed,

Amazonite strengthens our determination and helps to fight against the fears that block us and can prevent us from realizing ourselves completely.

Smoky Quartz is extremely effective against anxieties and to calm difficult emotions.

This anchor stone will allow you to no longer focus on blockages and allow you to let go to gain serenity.

Perfume: fresh and fruity scents of peach, rosemary, apricot, orange and musk.





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