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We are all connected to the energetic wax and wane of the cosmos, to the flora of the land, and to the ancient wisdom that both can grant us if we only take a moment to listen to the rhythmic beat of it all. Both Rise and Rest blends are a great way to begin and end your day in simple ritual observance that connects you with the Rising Sun and Moon. Simply apply to your pulse points, relax, and allow the aromas to weave their way into your senses, and into your physical and spiritual body as you Rise and Rest with meaningful intent.


Greeting the Sun with intention has been interwoven into the very essence of our existence, the rising Sun is a universal symbol for rebirth and renewal, and a chance to start our day anew. We all create rituals out of our morning routines, some mundane and others into a work of poetry. Creating ritual and space for yourself in the morning is a wonderful way to begin your day with illuminated intention, and it’s easier than you think. One of my favorite ways to begin my day is with a good stretch, some deep breathing, and an invigorating essential oil blend to wake up my senses. It’s a simple way to add a little magick to a busy routine.

This blend offers your senses an uplifting boost to begin your day with empowerment, vitality and an awakened mind to set meaningful intentions that will keep you in a good mindset throughout the day. An invigorating organic essential oil blend, Witchcrafted in the hour of the Sun, with Peppermint, Mandarin, and Grapefruit to wake you up with ease! Beautiful Sunstone crystals rest at the bottom of your bottle to offer you the magical properties of stimulating and energizing the Chakras, promoting creativity, leadership, vitality and stress relief. This works great for a mid-day pick me up when you need a little energetic boost or just need to be given an aromatic dose of Sunshine. Carry one in your purse or keep one in the car. A beautifully fragrant companion for Sun rituals, mundane or magical. Rise up and greet the Sun with this invigorating aroma.


Watching the Moon rise into the night sky has captivated us since we were given eyes to witness it. There is something so ethereal and peaceful about watching that lunar lantern rise up to give us light when we need it, and offer us darkness when we need to self-reflect. The presence of the Moon awakens our intuition and allows us to explore the darker mysteries of self.

This blend offers a slow descent into the realm of dreams, a lovely nightcap that offers a gentle mind, body and spirit relaxation experience. A chance to unwind from the day and appreciate the quiescent moments that the darkness has to offer. The ingredients promote intuition, calm the mind, and prepare the body for a restful evening. A reposeful organic blend, Witchcrafted in the hour of the Moon, with floral Ylang Ylang, Bulgarian Lavender, and German Chamomile, with Amethyst crystals that rest gently in the bottle. Amethyst offers an energy that relaxes the Crown Chakra, while enhancing cognitive perception and psychic ability. A beautifully fragrant companion for Moon rituals, mundane or magical. Rest your mind, body and spirit by applying this oil to your pulse point and allow the aroma to relax your senses.

Sold as a set of two

RISE AND REST Organic Essential Oil Blend for Daily Use 2x10ml


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