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The powerful Road Opener Oil helps you open new doors and create new opportunities.

Road Opener is a oil used in ritual baths and must contain Abre Camino to have optimal desired effect to be true “Road Opener.” .
Road Opener helps to remove barriers, obstacles and blockages so that what you want can be achieved.

You can put some in your bath, put a dab on your body, or use a bit to anoint your altar. It can be used to wash floors and doors.

All my Oils are handmade by me with love, care and using the finest ingredients.

I use real herbs, roots, powders, petals, bones, shells & essential oils or herbal and flower blended oils, amongst many other traditional ingredients.

All bottles are made in entirely reusable & recyclable Classic round clear glass bottle 30ml comes with a premium black bulb glass dropper pipettes.

(We recommend to do a patch test on your skin before use the product to see how your skin reacts before using it more widely)

keep oils out of the direct sunlight to prevent deterioration of the product.

ROAD OPENER OIL | New opportuniti | Abre Camino Oil | Hoodoo Oil


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