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The Rose of Jericho plant, also known as The Resurrection Plant, is known for its magic and ability to come back to life. When it’s “dead” it looks like a brown, dried up ball of twigs and tumbleweed. When placed in water it slowly begins to open and turn green in color. What was once brown and dry is now green and moist. Pretty wonderful to experience.


Rose of Jericho is used to “resurrect” any aspect of your life; from finances to love. The plant may be kept in a bowl of water around the home. The water it sits in can be used to anoint magical tools, be added to spiritual baths and floor washes, as well as to wipe down the front door of home and or business to bring prosperity. The water where the plant sits holds powerful magic.


Keep a Rose of Jericho in your home and/or business for prosperity and good fortune.




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