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The art of the pendulum must be done in a state of mindfulness and optimal concentration. To access your subconscious, it is important that you are present and grounded. For this, a pendulum session is being prepared.

Put yourself in the best conditions to receive messages from your other levels of consciousness:

Prepare a space in the room with candles, incense and crystals.

Purify your pendulum through the fumigation system.

Position yourself comfortably.

Do a little mediation or breathing exercises before you get started.

An ancestral tool of divination, the pendulum is a privileged means of connection with its guide. Before questioning your pendulum, learn to discover its language. To do this, write the answers Yes, No and Maybe on 3 pieces of paper. Turn the papers over and mix them up so you can't recognize them. Start by passing your pendulum over the leaves and observe its reaction. If you see him moving over a leaf, stop and watch his reaction. It can turn, in one direction or the other, or swing up and down or right and left. Go over all the leaves like this. Generally, above the sheet perhaps, it does not move, it may jump slightly but not enter into a recognizable movement.

The pendulum is preferably held in the right hand. The chain is held between the thumb and index finger. If your hand is shaking slightly, don't worry. You will quickly observe the spontaneous movement of the pendulum.

A pendulum, like any other dowsing tool, must imperatively be purified and recharged as soon as you take possession of it. Indeed, before reaching you it has been handled by many people since its manufacture, traveled and stored in different places so it should be cleaned to remove the energies and previous influences which it is responsible for.
As a general rule, a dowsing pendulum will also need to be purified and recharged regularly and ideally before and after each use. However, it will be imperative to carry out these purification and recharging operations as soon as you have difficulty communicating with your pendulum.

The clocks are all delivered with an explanatory sheet according to the chosen stone.



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