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Magical Self-Love Tea turns hot water purple/blue color!


This hot herbal tea is not only delicious but also magically turns blue as it steeps!


Learn how to listen to your body, give yourself space for your inner voice to come through.


The Self-Love movement has become popular in recent years and rings true now more than ever.


With all of the stress in our society looming over us, we have to remember the importance of not only loving ourselves and our bodies.


But also taking time to relax, treat ourselves and enjoy the moment.

This herbal tea blend is just that.


Make some time for yourself amongst the chaos during the workweek.

Focus, regroup, breathe, relax and take some time to appreciate and love yourself.


This blend includes: Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Butterfly Pea, Anise, Jasmine, & Rose. 




This is the perfect addition to your witchy kitchen! No added "flavorings", colors, preservatives. Just Herbs!



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