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The Serenity candle will guide you towards inner peace as soon as you feel the need to take

a break, take care of yourself, far from the worries of everyday life. A true guardian angel, it promotes self-love and appeasement.


Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, it helps to find a psychic balance, promotes mental calm, ward off negative thoughts, calms nervousness and states of anxiety. Amethyst helps to get rid of fears and addictions and allows you to refocus energies. It improves the general nervous state and helps to find mental balance, soothes anxiety and nervous disorders. It allows people who tend to think too much to break free from the incessant cycle of thoughts that assail them. Stone of humility and wisdom.


Rose quartz is the stone of love par excellence. It promotes serenity, gentleness, good relationships, compassion, love and self-esteem. Develops trust and openness to others and communication without conflict. Helps to overcome sentimental sorrows, soothes jealousy and resentment, worry, fear, and stress.


Perfume: powdery scents, guaiac wood, violet, musk, tonka bean, rose and cyclamen.


Large Glass 250 ml


Tips for use :
Always use a protective backing under your candle. In order for your candle to burn harmoniously to the end, leave the candle burning until the entire surface is liquid on first use.
Otherwise, the candle could widen and cause an uneven and incomplete burn of the wax. If you observe that the wick tilts towards the wax bath to the point of touching it when the candle is burning, extinguish it, recenter it with the help of pliers and, after the candle has cooled, cut the length of excess wick before relighting it.



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