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The sleep candle has been designed to help you soothe yourself in order to find sleep and facilitate dreams. It will light up your nights and allow you to better receive the messages of your subconscious during your sleep, but also to avoid nightmares.

Selenite helps to relax and purify the surrounding air in order to increase the quality of sleep. It neutralizes unwanted or overactive emotions and thoughts before bedtime. It would improve the quality of sleep if it is placed near you during the night.

Amethyst brings peace and promotes peaceful sleep by warding off negative thoughts.

It allows people who tend to think too much to free themselves from the incessant cycle of thoughts that assail them, so it will be ideal at bedtime.

Under your pillow, it calms thoughts, brings peace by providing peaceful sleep while keeping nightmares away.

You can put the candle and the stones on your bedside table closer to you at night.

Perfume: floral and musky scents, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, sandalwood and freesia.





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