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This candle has been designed to accompany you in your rituals and offering using plants, flowers, and crystals associated with the solar star. It is ideal for  working with soral energies for your rituals of celebrating the solar deities.


Heliolite or its its other name, sunstone, this stone offers its holder strength and prosperity while sweeping away dark throughts.

Stone of dynamism, optimism and vitality, it allows you to achieve your goals, promotes self-discipline and mental strength.


The orange calcite diffuses to its holder its positive radiant solar energy and joy of living.


Perfume: woody scents with a patcouli- amber- vanilla accord, white flowers, lemon, orange, cloves and lavender.





Perfume: lavander




Tips for use :
Always use a protective backing under your candle. In order for your candle to burn harmoniously to the end, leave the candle burning until the entire surface is liquid on first use.
Otherwise, the candle could widen and cause an uneven and incomplete burn of the wax. If you observe that the wick tilts towards the wax bath to the point of touching it when the candle is burning, extinguish it, recenter it with the help of pliers and, after the candle has cooled, cut the length of excess wick before relighting it.



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