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The Magic of Sunflower

(Helianthus annuus)

An annual that can grow incredibly tall, the stem is slightly hairy with large leaves and the flower itself is a large flat disk of seeds surrounded by bright yellow petals.   The flower head always turns to face the sun which makes them good to use in loyalty workings.

Aztec priestesses would wear sunflowers and they would be placed in Aztec temples.

Obviously this flower carries with it a huge punch of masculine sun energy (the name is a bit of a giveaway).

If you need to know the truth about a situation sleep with a sunflower under your bed (presumably just the flower head otherwise it wouldn’t fit…) this would work with sunflower seeds too.

Bring sunflower into your home to promote integrity.

Growing sunflowers in your garden will bring you good luck and protection.

Eat sunflower seeds for fertility and add them to fertility workings (they also taste quite yummy). 

Also use sunflower seeds in workings to make wishes come true.

Sunflower is an incredibly happy, bouncy, cheerful kind of a flower so I find it works well in happiness spells (the seeds or the petals).  You can also add a handful of sunflower petals to your bathwater to make you feel happy and content.

I’ve also seen ‘secret hideaways’ created by planting sunflowers in a circle in your garden, once they grow to a decent height you can sit inside, it would make a lovely ritual circle.


Sunflower Magical Properties:

Wishes, fertility, truth, integrity, luck, protection , loyalty, happiness

Ruling planet – Sun

Sign – Leo

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine






10g paper bag

200ml glass jar



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