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The depths of winter and the isolation that it brings, especially in these times, beckons the body and spirit to warmth. Our hands long to hold a hot cup of comforting tea, our bodies crave the warmth of fires, and the spirit craves the heart fire awakening. The warm creative spark within.

This beautiful tea is a warmly lit torch in the dead of winter to guide your weary bones back to the creativity of the internal and eternal flame. With each sip Brighid draws near, the hearth grows warmer, and you hear her poetry grace your spirit with the hope and renewal of Spring. She is here to heal your winter ailments, to guide you back into the trust and love that the spring evokes. The internal seeds that we have been keeping quietly within are begging to burst into new creative ideas, what will yours be?


Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of Brighid as you sip your tea and keep close notes of what you hear, see, taste, and feel. Let your intuition guide you and surprise you. Your cup of tea is her sacred well. What will you ask as you gaze into the sacred waters?  What does your soul need for the coming spring? Because you are working with Brighid, I like to employ a single candle in this tea ritual. As the flame dances and the aroma of the herbs influence your mind and body, powerful premonitions will begin to take shape.


With new sight through the wild fiery eyes of Brighid, you will hear and see the beauty and poetry in all things. You will begin to trust the process of letting go of the decaying winter foliage to make way for fresh new buds in the spring. A reflection of ourselves within nature to assure us of these sacred and necessary transitions.

A blend of herbal tea to not only provide a connection ritual with nature and Brighid, but also suitable offerings for her and the creatures in nature. After my tea has brewed I like to sprinkle the wet herbs within my garden as a offering. I also work with this tea as an altar offering to the Goddess Brighid.


The Healing Well of Brighid ~ an all organic tea witchcrafted in the early morning hours with song and sound healing from my quartz singing bowls. Prayers to invoke Brighid were recited to imbue each botanical with the healing and transformative fire energy of Brighid. Created with the finest organic botanicals of Calendula, Peppermint, Nettle, Chamomile, Lavender, Orange Peel, Jasmine, Pea Flower, Linden Leaf & Flower, Rosehips, and Elderberry. A tea to welcome in the coming spring with good health and good fortune. A well of vision within a cup.





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