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Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective anchoring stone known for its ability to store negative energies from people and places while eliminating them to the ground.

Being grounded means coming out of your thoughts and daydreams, being in the present moment, learning to love and take care of yourself, and being attentive to your needs.

This allows us to move away from negative thoughts, to be more serene, more positive, to accept things that are beyond our control.

Useful to protect you from negative waves or electro-magnetic waves, but also in the car, it is an essential stone for everyday life.

Just make sure you clean it frequently enough.


Black Tourmaline has the ability to absorb harmful energies to free the mind and body. It can absorb the energy of neighboring stones, which is why no other stone should be combined with Black Tourmaline.


Anchor stone, it helps to keep your feet on the ground, stay focused, very useful when you are distracted, it brings you back to reality, it serves as an anchor for the flow of thoughts


Dimension: 3cm - 4cm



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