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Van Van formula effectively provides spiritual cleansing and jinx-breaking, road-opening to new fortune and opportunity, protection against negativity, brings good luck.  

It's often used to powerfully feed mojo bags, empower amulets, talismans, or other magical tools to keep them working strongly for their owner.

The oil can be used to dress candles or can be worn as a personal power scent for any of the above uses.

It can be added to cleaning solutions in order to cleanse and impart its empowering energies on the spiritual level as well as the physical.

It can be added to nearly any magical working in order to enhance its overall potency.

According to a number of practitioners, there's nearly nothing that Van Van can't do.


For the frugal practitioner, Van Van can pretty much do a lot of stuff, which makes it an excellent choice or go to oil in one’s magical cabinet.
All my Oils are handmade by me with love, care and using the finest ingredients.

I use real herbs, roots, powders, petals, bones, shells & essential oils or herbal and flower blended oils, amongst many other traditional ingredients.

All bottles are made in entirely reusable & recyclable Classic round clear glass bottle 30ml comes with a premium black bulb glass dropper pipettes.

keep oils out of the direct sunlight to prevent deterioration of the product.

(We recommend to do a patch test on your skin before use the product to see how your skin reacts before using it more widely)


30 ml

VAN VAN Oil | Multi purpose oil | Luck | Protection & Cleansing | Hoodoo Oil


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