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•Perfect for Water signs, empaths and processing emotions. 


•This calming oil is meant to ease the tension and stress that comes from bottling our emotions deep within. It facilitates a new way, through the power of botanical scent, that allows your mind, body and spirit to connect with the free flowing energy of water, thus offering you a state of calm. 


•Inside the bottle is an organic blend of essential oils, herbal infusions and flowers of chamomile, grapefruit, violet, verbena, lotus flowers, lavender, rose quartz, blue topaz and ritual intent. Each batch is crafted with the finest ingredients that are ethically sourced with love and positive intention. All of these ingredients blended together offer you an experience of lifting the weight of emotions through aromatherapy. Once you have applied the oil to your pulse points, allow the energy of each plant to reach into your senses, gently separating the pile of stress into a more manageable space to be in. 


•The euphoric scent and vibrational energy within this ritual oil will offer you comfort when life seems to be adding too much to your state of being. It will allow you to see a new way of processing that which seems to be holding your spirit back. The oils chosen in this blend have long been the herbal allies turned to for soothing emotions. They are calming and offer clarity, while uplifting your mind, body and spirit to a place of tranquility and peace.  


•This is a blessing that I wrote, it works wonders for me when I feel overwhelmed. When I make this ritual oil, this is the blessing that I bestow upon it. You can write your own or use this one. Whatever resonates with your spirit. 


"I am free flowing like the rivers, always moving, never stagnant. I will overcome anything that I put my mind to because I am wild and ambitious like the sea. I will move with peace, and with ease, like the calmness of a lake. 




•For the longevity of your oil, please keep out of direct sunlight.

WATER NYMPH OIL~ Empath oil ~ Aura Protection~ Water Sign ~ Energy Booster


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