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White Copal Resin is often used to create a sacred space in your environment, clearing the stagnant energy in a room & creating a warm and loving space for creativity and abundance to flow. Although it vibrates at a higher level, White Copal can also offer grounding qualities, aiding in your stronger connection to earth, emotional healing and physical manifestations. The all natural fragrance gives off a warm, earthy, citrus pine scent, to help ease your spiritual journey. It was frequently used by the Mayans & Aztecs during ceremony dealing with purification. It is considered to be "young Amber," resin, as it holds many of the same properties of Amber, but forms in far less time. It inspires our own inner light & happiness to illuminate our aura. 


Botanical Name:  Bursera Microphylla


Element Correspondences: Fire


Planetary Correspondences: Sun


Zodiac Correspondences: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. 


Magickal Uses: Smudging, Raising Vibration, Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Healing, Grounding, Creativity, Blessings, Manifestations, Protection, Energy Clearing, Love, Consecration,

Anointing Rituals, White Magic, Sabbat Offering for Litha.


Magickal Tip: Brighten the energy of a darkened home by burning White Copal at SUNrise on a SUNday.


Chakras:  Crown (7th) 


Holistic Uses: Revitalize one's energy system & brighten emotional thoughts through means of creating a White Copal Tincture. 

Each glass apothecary resin jar contains approx. 2.5 oz. of All Natural White Copal Resin, topped with a gold screw on lid, informative label & rustic pentacle accents. The pentacle represents the elements ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit ) encompassed in a ring of unity, serving as a symbol of protection & connection. There is enough resin in one jar to last for many uses. Store in cool dry place when not in use. Each square Resin Jar measures approx. 3" high x 2" wide. Keep from heat or direct sunlight. (Resin may melt) Best Burned over hot charcoal, A little goes a long way, once your charcoal is hot sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse the aromatic smoke.


( Make sure room is well ventilated & use hot charcoals with caution. ) 



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