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Botanical Name: Quercus alba

Family: Fagaceae

Usage: Medicinal, Therapeutic

Folk Names: Tanner's Bark, Stave Oak, Ridge White Oak

Associated Deities: Dagda, Zeus

Planetary Correspondence: Jupiter

Zodiac Correspondence: Capricorn 

Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)


The White Oak, with its enduring presence, is a testament to nature's wisdom and resilience. Whether you're diving into its medicinal uses or its spiritual significance, this magnificent tree offers a wealth of insights and benefits.


The multifaceted nature of White Oak Bark shines brilliantly when integrated into rituals and magical crafts. Let's delve into some enchanting ways to harness its energy:


  • White Oak Bark Amulet: Bind dried bark with a ribbon or cord while imbuing your intentions. Hang it near entrances or windows for protection and grounding energies.
  • Sacred Protective Circle: Scatter White Oak Bark shavings around your ritual space. This creates a barrier, warding off negative vibes and ensuring a serene atmosphere for your work.
  • White Oak Bark Talisman: Encase a piece of White Oak Bark in a small cloth pouch, perhaps with other protective stones or charms. Carry it with you to tap into the tree's stabilizing and strengthening energy wherever you go.
  • Dream Pillow: Stuff a small pillow or sachet with White Oak Bark combined with other dream-invoking herbs. Position it beneath your pillow to invite lucid and revelatory dreamscapes.


White Oak Bark's magic reaches far beyond these suggestions. The true adventure starts with your creative spirit and intuition. Dive in, feel its energies, and craft rituals that resonate deeply with your soul's quest.






10g paper bag

200ml glass jar




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