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Designed for acne-prone skin, the Soothing & Anti-Acne Cream instantly helps reduce blemishes such as pimples and blackheads. Rich in vegetable glycerin, it restores moisture levels to the skin and therefore strengthens the epidermal barrier.

Enriched with essential oils of tea tree and lavender, it provides freshness, while also providing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.


Specifically, it soothes irritation and inflammation of the skin, while simultaneously reducing acne and toning oily skin.

In addition, oat oil, rich in nutrients, not only moisturizes but also helps fight blemishes.


Finally, thanks to the active ingredients it contains such as Seboreductyl and Canadian Willow Herb, it regulates sebum production by up to 82% after 4 weeks of treatment, improves the texture of the skin making it smoother and inhibits the growth of the bacteria responsible for the spread of acne.


Apply the cream to clean and dry skin avoiding the area around the eyes and lips.





Organic argan oil, vegetable glycerin, oat oil, essential oils of tea tree and lavender, canadian willow herb, seboreductyl.


How to use:
After cleansing the face well, scoop out a pea size amount and gently massage into face. May use more if needed but a little goes a long way! 

WHITE WITCH Soothing and Anti-acne Face Cream


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