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Camphor is the refined resin of an Asiatic tree. It is a natural moth repellent. When crumbled and burned on charcoal, true camphor is a strong-smelling incense used to cleanse the home.

Burning camphor purifies the home and drives away all negative energies and evil spirits. After smudging a room place a square of camphor with a silver dime on top of it in each corner of the room. Very effective against demonic energies, making the space uninhabitable to spirits of lower vibrations. Cleanse ritual tools by either burning Camphor on incense, or rubbing them with its oil.


*Use sparingly, when burning don't breathe. Burn in an Abalone Shell or fireproof container and fan the smoke throughout your space.


Do not ingest.

1 package contains 4 blocks of camphor



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