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Wormwood, also known as wormwood, wild wormwood, artemisia, absinthion, afistia, trachouri, dracontio, melittin, ant herb, is a perennial, bristly plant extremely rare, reaching 1.2m with winged leaves consisting of lanceolate segments.


The lower surface of the leaves is greenish and the upper white-silky and the whole plant is covered with silvery fluff and the flowers are small, spherical, yellow-green.

It is native to barren and rocky places and grows in the Mediterranean regions and in all temperate places.


It is a plant that includes many species, of which only Artemisia absinthium, which belongs to the Asteraceae family, has medicinal properties.


The extract of wormwood in virgin olive oil gives us a wax salve for all pains, it is greasy but it helps and relieves (waist, legs, neck), but also from headache.





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