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Unwrap the magic and be fully submerged in Zodiac world. 

Contains birthday treasures influenced by the dreamy zodiac spirit.


Items  include : 


🌺 Herbal Tea Blend.


🌺 A Zodiac Crystal Kit consisting of the 4 basic crystals that represent each sign.


🌺 Zodiac candle made of natural soy wax scented with the most premium fragrances as well as the crystals corresponding to each sign.


🌺 Zodiac Aura Mist inspired by the aura emitted by each sign and the colors of the Crystals of each sign, with wonderful premium essential oil fragrances.


🌺 Handmade body soap.


🌺 Floral Bath Salts With Dead Sea Salt


 ðŸŒº Nourishing Floral Fragrance Roll-On Oil Made With Jojoba & Almond Oils.


Perfect to gift yourself as a sweet surprise or gift to your favorite zodiac

Comes to you wrapped and adorn with bits of nature’s beauty 



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