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Calling in abundance supply of everything from the universe! Invite in prosperity and wealth, a candle for luck, for increased income, for change and chance. This candle brings in wealth!


The abundance candle is best to be done once a week at the start for four weeks and then monthly thereafter.


Use with basil, the herb of healing and metaphysical properties for all prosperity candle work.

Use cinnamon for money drawing psychic powers and protection.


Create a ritual with jade crystals and basil and cinnamon and place a few coins around your abundance candle.


Light your candle and say:


One coin there, a thousand coins there, I feel my prosperity everywhere. I invite abundance, financial health with ease and flow



The abundance candle was one of my first candles and still holds a special place.

Abundance can come in many forms from money, love, happiness and this candle can help you.


From cinnamon to basil and everything in between roiled in a beautiful green candle.


All handmade by me Dolores.


You will receive 4 9cm herbal wishing candles



Abundance Wish Candles


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