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Dragon stone (or dragon blood jasper)

is a powerful support to get rid of stress and

emotional conflicts, especially when they arise

of anger and resentments of the past, embracing

new adventures with joy and positivity.

It provides strength, courage and purpose to help cope

to difficulties and to heal emotional problems


It revitalizes an exhausted mind, promotes adaptation to

unusual circumstances or new situations.

The Dragon Stone is used in moments of

difficulties, it relieves sadness, regrets, self-pity

About yourself and resentments.

Dragon stone also stimulates creativity and attracts money

and love and helps you achieve your goals.

Green and red in color, it connects to the chakra of

heart, encouraging love, compassion and forgiveness.

It is a stone of personal power. It provides strength,

courage and purpose to help face difficulties and

to heal repressed emotional issues.

If you are uncomfortable in social settings, it will help

encourage and support social interactions.

It is a stone also known to help us

develop patience and facilitate rest.

Helps with fertility, it improves vital force, courage, and


Dimension: 2cm - 3cm



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