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We have all experienced various forms of negative energy, whether it’s coming from us, or others, or something unseen, it can linger in the air and begin to affect us more than we realize. I'm not one to say negativity is all bad, at times it can have a place to be a teacher, or a warning that sets us into action to protect ourselves and those we love. Regardless of how it shows up for you, most of us want the unease that it brings to leave just as fast as it came in. Our senses are the first to be affected by negativity, and then slowly it can creep its way into our spirit, altering us on multiple levels.


•••This botanical warding mist will entice your senses with plants that have a rich history of protecting, warding, and transmuting negativity before it starts to affect your well being. A few mists like the wave of a wand, and the magic of this botanically scented mist fills the air, transmuting the thick and heavy feeling of negativity into a weight lifted off of the chest kind of vibe. Thoughts become clearer, the air becomes lighter, tension subsides, and the mood shifts to a more peaceful relaxing state.


•••Witch crafted with the finest organic essential oils and herbs of Rosemary from my garden to cleanse and purify, Rue from my garden plucked on a Mars day for protection from evil and soaked in the sacred distillate waters that bless this vessel. Hyssop blesses the water which creates a type of Witches holy water to protect self and sacred space from the evil eye and hexes.


Chamomile offers a natural ward against physical and magical attacks. And finally, the base of this banishing blend is mixed with a Lavender Hydrosol that was distilled in my garden on the day of Hermès that offers protection and a clear communication between you and how you wish to transmute the negativity.

Organic Witch Hazel Extract has been added to extend the life of this blend.

Ha! Citrine and Black Tourmaline rest at the bottle of the bottle. These crystals combined have a beautiful symbiotic relationship to cast out and transmute negativity. While the Black Tourmaline absorbs the heavy negative energy in the air, the citrine provides the transmutation promoting peace and happiness.


•••The sacred distilled waters that I create have been blessed with sound and song, from my voice and my quartz singing bowls. I believe the addition of song and sound increase the efficacy of the mist. I encourage you to also add the same thing to your blend upon their arrival.





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