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Esther, the ultimate love elixir! “When the man smells Esther three times mixed with your body odors, then he will move earth and heaven to find her again. And when he finds it on the woman who wore it, love will flare up in his heart and he will act like a madman for her from then on. For fear of losing her, he will marry her and never let her go from him." This is Esther! Also suitable for same-sex couples!

A powerful Elixir that offers much more than you could ever ask for...


To build Esther we need the following items:


Mother's name

Date of birth (yours, not your mother's)

Country of birth

City of Birth

Time of birth

If you don't know the time of birth, you put 12:00


The elixir starts working from the moment you put it on! The more times the other person smells the elixir on your body, the better. We need at least 3 times. Used like your perfume.

CONSTRUCTION Esther is manufactured exclusively by us, based on the original age-old and infallible recipe. All materials used are authentic and unadulterated. The materials used in all of our Elixirs are sanctified and purified ONLY on rainy full moon days!

This gives us the possibility to take from the materials the maximum of their potential X100 resulting in the maximization of the power they will give us! The result is explosive! After manufacturing is complete (3 days), the Elixir is ready to ship. Esther is attuned and activated to your elements, your personal angel and your own Moon time. This maximizes the potential of the elixir and personalizes it!


ESTHIR | The ultimate love elixir!


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