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This witch box comes with everything you need to protect yourself against the evil eye. It is perfect for a gift to yourself or a friend. Suitable for advanced and beginner witches alike.


Included in the Box:


🧿Evil Eye spell candle topped with rosemary, vervain, blue cornflower and an evil eye bead.


🧿(3) Spell Candles (dark blue, light blue, white).


🧿The Moon incense cones.


🧿Evil Eye conditioning oil 30 ml.


🧿(4) Crystals: hematite, black onyx, tigers eye and sodalite.


🧿A evil eye talisman.


🧿Healing Waters ~ Renewing for the Mind, Body and Spirit Bath salts.


🧿Blue Salt


🧿Peace Water


🧿Florida Water Body Soap


🧿Lunar Wax Melts



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