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Handmade with love & good intentions my Goddess Hera Mist spray is safe & beneficial for hair, face, & body.


I used all organic & natural ingredients to create a refreshing aromatic experience.

I blend oils, real crystals, & moon charged water.

These ingredients are safe & gentle enough to be used on skin and face, but they are also very beneficial for hair & scalp health.

It can be used on all hair types, wet or dry, to nourish & refresh.


I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest natural ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils.


Majority of the plants I use are hand grown in my own home garden.


SCENT PROFILE: Romantic, Exotic, Arousing


TOP NOTES: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchuli, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peach


DETAILS Perfume body spray (Micro-mist)

All natural deodorizer

50 ml | 1,6 oz


BENEFITS 100% organic (plant based and vegan) Comprised of pure essential oils and botanical extracts Promotes focus and clarity Freshens air and clothes Formulated to satisfy and excite your senses!

GODDESS HERA | Body And Hair Mist


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