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The sturdy stems of honeysuckle have been used to make rope as far back as the Bronze Age, and in parts of Britain are still commonly made into bridles and harnesses for pack ponies.


In Geoffrey Chaucer’s work, ‘wodebyne’ is a symbol of steadfastness in love, and Shakespeare wrote of it in Act IV, Scene i of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream:

The flowers may be used in spells designed to determine the true worth of a person or thing.


They may be burned in a censer or steep the flowers in wine, strain, and drink. A wreath of the flowering vines can be encircled around a money-drawing candle to increase its effectiveness or you can burn honeysuckle to support any money drawing spell. Brought into a home will help ensure a good marriage for the people who live there.


Honeysuckle flowers may also be added to Love Drawing Honey Jars to boost it’s powers and the vines of the honeysuckle plant may symbolically twined together to bind two lovers to ensure fidelity and desire for each other.

Grow honeysuckle near your home to attract love, luck and wealth and to protect your garden from negative influences.


The scent of honeysuckle is said to clear the mind, stimulate psychic powers, sharpen intuition, encourage psychic dreams, sweeten any mood and stimulate generosity. While a flower rubbed on the forehead is said to increase psychic abilities.







10g paper bag

200ml glass jar



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